Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to the most commonly asked Questions.

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Models seen at the show are generally created by AFOLs (Adult Fans of LEGO®). The ideas and execution of these are those of the AFOL who built them. A few models are owned by the show, and make recurring appearances, but even these were created by hobbyists.

Display space at the show is reserved for VIB (Very Important Builder) pass holders. The tickets page provides more information about these and the public passes. You may also register for and purchase passes here.

The majority of the models shown at the show are owned by their creators, as such whether or not they are for sale, and what they cost, is completely at the discretion of the respective model builders. In general, most models are not for sale, and those that are significantly more expensive than the sets produced by The LEGO® Group.

VIB passes are intended for adults and teenagers who make and create their own models using LEGO® Bricks and are interested in participating in a convention type experience with other LEGO® fans. As such VIB Passholders have access to exclusive games and activities that may be daunting to the general public.

Public passes are intended for the general public, and includes access to the games and activities that generally appeal to a broader audience, who enjoy LEGO® sets and building with LEGO® Bricks but don’t consider it their main Hobby. Activities include:The Brick Pit Build AreaRace TrackMinifig TradingMini Kit Hunt (seek and find activity)Moc DisplaysMinifig TradingFire WalkFly-In of LEGO® Star Wars® ModelsPanels and Discussion of The LEGO® Group, its sets and history

LEGO Sumo (or Sumo Bot) is a contest originated by Steve Hassenpug. In it, contestants create autonomous robots which attempt to push each other out of a raised circular ring, with a black stripe around the edge, while simulatneously attemting to remain within the ring themselves.

At BrickSlopes, VIB attendees will have the option to bring bots built and programmed at home to the event, or build one at the show using kits borrowed from BrickSlopes. These contests will be open to the pubic to watch, however participation is limited to VIB pass holders.

There is no where near enough time to properly test at the show, but it’s still a good time. So if your keen on winning, we recomend building one at home.
Teams that may wish to compete, must have atleast one meber of the team registered as a VIB Pass holder (not limited), and only those registere team members will be allowed to manipulate the bot durring competion. regardless of the team size, prizes reamin the same. Any prizes won by must be shared. (its a pain really, and we truely recomend eacn person have thier own pass, and bot to compete with.