BrickSlopes – A LEGO Fan Event

 Public EXPO AUG 25th – 27th

 Returns to the Mountain America Expo Center in Sandy Utah for its 2023 ShowIf you need more fun with LEGO® Bricks, See all the custom creations, by AFOL (Adult Fans of LEGO®) builders. featuring 24,000 sq. ft. of custom creations featuring fan favorites such as Space, Star Wars®, DC Comics®, medieval castles knights, trains, city layouts and more. All 100% Kragle Free!Have A brickn’ good time with one of a kind activities utilizing LEGO® Bricks where you can:

    • Build and Play in the BrickPit™, expanded to over One Million LEGO® bricks and pieces. Use the pieces to create your own creations, and display it, to be entered in our raffle to win daily LEGO® Sets.

    • Build your own customized race car, and challenge your friends to a race on the track.

    • Attempt the Brick Fire Walk – 40′ of LEGO® Bricks to torture you and your friend’s feet with.

    • Vandalize the “Graffiti” Wall.

    • Take Your Mini-fig Portrait at the Portrait wall.

    • Find 20 of the hidden Mini-Kits and Enter to Win our Mini-Kit Prize package.

    • Guess the Number of LEGO® Bricks and pieces in the container, closest guess wins.

    • Bring a LEGO® fig from home, or buy one at the event, then trade with others to complete your collection.

    • One of a Kind Vendors: Retired and Hard to Find LEGO Sets. One of a kind accessories, art, clothes, and custom mini-figures*.

    • Attend Presentations from builders of this year’s best creations, about their creations, Their ideas, failures, and successes that made their imaginations a reality.
      *BrickSlopes respects the intellectual property of IP rights holders. Vendors are not permitted to sell or display products or services which violate the IP rights of others. Additionally, BrickSlopes is a LEGO® fan event, there are no products from competing brick buiding systems on display or for sale at BrickSlopes Events.